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08:00 – 08:30 am

Registration – Welcome coffee I Visit exhibit


08:30 – 09:00 am



09:00 – 10:00 am   

Session 1 / Latest medical advances in pathophysiology

Chairmen: Stefano Ricagno (Milano, Italy, Arnaud Jaccard (Limoges, France)

09:00     Recent insights into the structure and formation of AL amyloid fibrils

Marcus Fändrich (Ulm, Germany)

09:15     Recent insights from in vivo models into AL amyloid fibrils accumulation and toxicity for organs

Christophe Sirac (Limoges, France)

09:30    How do fibrils disappear?

Julian Gillmore (London, Great Britain)

09:45     Discussion


10:00 – 11:00 am

Session 2 // Supportive care of treatments of involved organs – Part 1

Chairmen: Thibaud Damy (Créteil, France), Helen Lachmann (London, GB)

10:00     Kidney

Lluis Quintana (Barcelona, Spain)

10:20     Kidney transplantation

Nelson Leung (Rochester, USA)

10.40     Cardiac

Michelle Michels (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

11.00     Round table

11:20 – 11:50 am     Coffee break I Visit exhibit


11:50 am – 01:00 pm

Session 2 // Supportive care of treatments of involved organs – Part 2

Chairmen: Nelson Leung (Rochester, USA), Michelle Michels (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

11:50     Peripheral nervous system

Michela Bisciglia (Brussels, Belgium) 

12:10     Others: GI, nutrition, hypotension, fatigue, muscle loss, sexual dysfunction

Ornella Rizzo (Brussels, Belgium) 

12.30     Round table

01:00 – 02:30 pm     Lunch time


02:30 – 03:15 pm

A multidisciplinary approach to managing systemix light chain (AL) Amyloidosis

Stefan Schönland (Heidelber, Germany), Adam Loannou (London)


03:15 – 04:15 pm

Session 3 /// How to assess the response to treatments?

Chairmen: Monique Minnema (Utrecht, The Netherlands), Nathalie Meuleman (Brussels, Belgium)

03:15      Biology of the clone

Stefan Schönland (Heidelberg, Germany)

03:35     Utility of minimal residual disease assessment in AL Amylodoisis

Ashutosh Wechalekar (London, Great Britain)

03:55     Light chain instability in AL amyloidosis

04.15       Discussion

04:30 – 05:00 pm     Coffee break I Visit exhibit


05:00 – 06:30 pm

Session 4 //// Complex clinical cases

Chairmen: Frank Bridoux (Poitiers, France), Stefan Schönland (Heidelberg, Germany)


-Difficult treatment

-Long term remission


06:30 pm

End of the first day  


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